Monday, June 29, 2009

Seattle Independence - Waterfront Park

Please join us for Seattle Independence Day Tea Party! I believe that this movement is at the forefront of the Second American Revolution. This revolution is going to be one of words and ideas; or hearts and minds, not violence.

Remember "Tank Man"? His story and his courage was incredible. This young man changed the world.

"He changed the Soviet Union." "What this young man did was in effect changed the world." (about 7:55 in the video)

The story continues . . .

The "Virus of Freedom spread" . . . and the protesters fed the army that they held hostage, gave them a seminar on freedom, and had their children work on the soldiers.

There are 8 videos in this series.

The message for me?

Never underestimate the power of one individual to change the world.

And also, that groups of people who agree on some things, working together, can effect long-term, worldwide change.

Communism has not been the same since, and has does not exist in some places where it was formerly predominant.

Are these Tea Parties the start of an American Revolution? Can we change our country?

Come join us - hear speakers discuss the erosion of civil liberties - the loss of our Liberty. Spend time with people of like mind. Bring flags, signs, literature.

We'll be at Waterfront Park (right next to the Aquarium) in Seattle from 1-3pm. Come down, join us, help clean up afterwards, and then head to Gas Works for Chase Family 4th at Lake Union.

There's also a cruise you could enjoy, lots of great stuff downtown, or shop at Westlake. The Aquarium is open regular hours (9:30 - 5), and Waterfront Park has some nice picnic tables right on the water.


If you would like to speak about loss of civil liberties, ballot access, smaller parties, TSA, the endless war, the endless war on drugs or have any questions regarding the event, feel free to contact Rachel at the following email:


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