Monday, June 8, 2009

I watched this on the anniversary of Tianamen Square - and I wept.

It hammers home the point - that one man, acting in courage, can change the world. In it, this man and the result of his actions, is credited with beginning the end of the Berlin Wall.

"He changed the Soviet Union." "What this young man did was in effect changed the world." (about 7:55 in the video)

And the next video (2/8) was no less inspiring.

The "Virus of Freedom spread" . . . and the protesters fed the army that they held hostage, gave them a seminar on freedom, and had their children work on the soldiers.

There are 8 videos in this series.

The message for me?

Never underestimate the power of one individual to change the world.

And also, that groups of people who agree on some things, working together, can effect long-term, worldwide change.

Communism has not been the same since, and has does not exist in some places where it was formerly predominant.


Anonymous said...

I noticed that you do not use the sites below to make announcements to the Olympia area about your events. I encourage you to do so, as they are free and viewed regularly by many people I know. Unfortunately, events for conservatives are not well represtented on these sites. I hope to see some Libertarian events in the future on Olyblog and Everyday Olympia.

Best of Luck!

jessica said...

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Anonymous said...

Ummm Tank man was in China, Not the Soviet Union. Geography might be a good course to take along with History.