Saturday, March 15, 2008

2008 Washington State Libertarian Party Convention Agenda

April 19th at the Titlow Lodge the Washington State Libertarian Party will host its 2008 Convention!!!

Note CHANGED Schedule-

10:00 Registration

10:10 Opening - followed by Business Meeting

12:00 Lunch - Fajita Buffet

12:10 Dr. James Peet –
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

1:30 Initiative 1000 "Death with Dignity"

1:45 Presidential Candidate Forum - Just in - Senator Gravel confirmed!

We'll have Senator Mike Gravel, Mike Jingozian of Angel Vision and RESET America, Dr. Mary Ruwart, author and ethicist; Wayne Allyn Root, Las Vegas sports handicapper and TV personality; and Dr. George Phillies, Professor of Physics and researcher. These people have put their time, treasure and personal reputations on the line in the cause of Liberty, and we're excited to hear their ideas for how to begin to solve some of our country's current problems.

3:45 Adjourn

You can register here-

*Time subject to change.

**According to the bylaws of the Libertarian Party of Washington State only credentialed party members can vote in the business meeting. To be credentialed you must have donated at least $120 or 12 hours of volunteer time to the LPWA in the prior year.

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