Sunday, March 9, 2008

2008 Washington State Libertarian Party Convention ~ Extra!!!

We offer (on availability):

1 Wi-Fi for the bloggers and
2 Carpool (e-mail lpwaconvention at with 'carpool need' or 'carpool offer' in the subject line.)
3 Vendor displays for your business/organizations (contact lpwaconvention at for more details)
4 A drawing for any new monthly donor or any current monthly donor that increases their pledge by $10 or more. Goto

If you would like to support the Washington State Libertarian Party, please do so by going to our online donation page and start a monthly pledge. It makes each step of progress that we take possible. Here is the Link:


Press Release:

What do a Doctor of Physics, a millionaire sports handicapper and TV personality, a Doctor of Biophysics who authored "Healing Our World In An Age of Agression", the former senator who read 4100 pages of the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record, and an internet movie entrepreneur all have in common?

According to Rachel Hawkridge, Convention Chair for this year's Libertarian Party Convention, "They're all Presidential Candidates, all Libertarian, and they'll all be here on Saturday, the 19th of April."

"Libertarian Party candidates are always interesting," says Hawkridge, "they're intelligent, insightful, and usually a lot of fun. We'll have Senator Mike Gravel, Mike Jingozian of Angel Vision and RESET America, Dr. Mary Ruwart, author and ethicist; Wayne Allyn Root, Las Vegas sports handicapper and TV personality; and Dr. George Phillies, Professor of Physics and researcher. These people have put their time, treasure and personal reputations on the line in the cause of Liberty. We're excited to hear their ideas for how to begin to solve some of our country's current problems."

The audience will have the opportunity to submit questions during lunch, and questions will be chosen from the audience pool. Join us in this intimate and informative environment.

The LP Convention will be held at Titlow Lodge in Tacoma, from 10am – 4pm. The cost is only $55, and you can register at


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