Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Bane of the LPWA, The "Wasted Vote Myth"

Person on the street A, "Yeah, I like your candidate, but I really hate Mccain, so I am voting for Obama this year. We can't have another four years of the bush doctrine!"

Person on the street B, "Obama is a socialist and if he gets in there will be welfare for the illegal immigrants and handouts for everyone. I like your candidate, but I have to vote for Mccain."

To the people on the street, and for anyone pondering about how you can ever justify voting for a Libertarian in the presidential race when so much is at stake, let me offer a few simple observations.

We use the electoral college in America for this particular race. On top of that washington has been, typically, one of the most blue states in the union.

True, we have many who are fond of the Bush agenda and defend it to absurd lengths, but again, we use the electoral college to elect our president.

Even if this were not the case I would still argue for voting for the person you believe is best suited for the job, not the lessor of evils.

But let's get more specific than that.

The 2008 Washington State Electoral Race- The Obama/Mccain race 08`

Washington state (and likely the country) will go to O'bama. I would really be amazed if Mccain could even come close to him in this state.

Since we use the electoral college, you are free to vote for who you truly believe in AND it is beneficial if want to send a message to the top two parties that you will not take their waste and abuse.

I have felt good about every vote I have ever cast.

Also, I often tell people who are thinking of voting for the republican or democrat for whatever reason, that this is their choice, but come down and volunteer for the libertarians. Give them money. Do something to help grow the voice of dissent against the abuses of our system.

The Democrats and the Republicans have traded off being in charge, and they have neither reduced spending nor the constant growth of the number of laws used to violate the rights of we the people.

Best wishes and always know that we will ALWAYS be fighting for your rights, no matter who you vote for,

Scott Lindsley~
Chair, Libertarian Party of Washington State

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